About Us

Our History

WELCOME and thank you for visiting the Every Life Matters Pregnancy Support Services website!

The vision for a non-profit (501 (3) c) pregnancy center for Tyrone started months before the first meeting on September 2009. Laura Stine and Jen Harry had spent months praying and talking about it, and decided to have the first meeting that was attended by 17 people, all having a heart for the young women of Tyrone. In September of 2010, the first Board meeting was held, the name Every Life Matters Pregnancy Support Services was voted on, and officers elected. ELM’s first function was held December 2010 as a breakfast for the community and pastors who wanted to learn about this new ministry.

Since then we have made presentations to various churches, spoken to community leaders and various groups. ELM has an annual fundraising banquet in the fall, and “Yellow Umbrella Walk” in the spring. Quarterly newsletters are available when you send us your address.

ELM worked during 2016 toward becoming a certified medical facility in order to offer limited obstetric ultrasound to our clients. The verification of pregnancy is often requested by our clients and other than a blood test, this is a way to verify it. Our medical director will read the scan and a trained staff will make the results available to the client. ELM+ also opened a satellite office in Houtzdale in February 2017.

Our prayer, if you will please join us, is to train volunteers as the need arises periodically throughout the year. We offer training as a group, or individually at the center, for client advocates or center help. Nurses will be trained to perform the ultrasounds, send the information to the medical director who will share the results with the client.

We are located at Bethany House, 1351 Logan Avenue in Tyrone and 800 Hannah Street in Houtzdale. ELM is open Monday through Friday, but before you come in, please call or text 814-650-7899 (Tyrone) or 888-918-2705 (Houtzdale) anytime to speak with an advocate, center director, or to make an appointment.

Mission Statement

Every Life Matters is committed to protecting and supporting every life at every stage of life by proclaiming and demonstrating the love of our living heritage, Jesus Christ.

Statement of Purpose

We may provide for emotional, material, intellectual, personal, physical, and spiritual development of our clients who may be experiencing a crisis pregnancy. We may offer our clients free pregnancy tests, limited obstetric ultrasound, practical assistance, compassionate peer counseling, and education in parenting and abstinence. We furnish a loving and caring environment in which our clients can have tome to carefully consider their parenting options.

Carol Steffen
Executive Director

Carol has a long history of working in the field of Human Services- even before she received her BS in Human Development and Family Services from Penn State University. She has experienced much in her life- good and bad- but has learned to trust in God and knows to use His Word to bring forth victory. She has raised 4 children, is blessed to be a grandma, been married for 33 years, and knows the redemptive power of Jesus Christ.

ELM does not discriminate in providing services because of age, race, ethnic background, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, financial ability, or socio-economic status. ELM is not a psychological service.